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We specialise in the marketing, management and creation of world-class premium products, brands and strategies for the credit card and payments industry through our eight core services. Services.html

Travel Insurance Claims

Our travel insurance Claims Handlers are fluent in five international languages so they can correspond with providers when supporting your client in their time of need, making the whole claims process uncomplicated for the claimant.

Our team have a broad range of skills in dealing with different types of schemes – from low cost airlines to High Net Worth cardholders. Our focus is on delivery of a first class customer experience.

Third Party Administration

We are not just a TPA. We take an in depth Consultative approach to everything we do. We challenge the norm, we don't simply accept the adage of "this is just the way it is done" - if there is a better way of doing things, we will find it!

Clients today expect third-party administrators (TPAs) to provide sophisticated services, bottom-line savings and competitive pricing. To win new clients and retain existing ones, TPAs must go beyond basic claims administration and help organizations reduce their claim costs, total cost of risk and insurance premiums.

Balancing client expectations has never been more challenging - a shortage of claims professionals, high claims volume, increased caseloads and increasing fraud levels balanced against clients increasingly demand for loss-control services, medical bill review, litigation management, technological automation, advanced reporting and compliance, among other services. Linkham rise to this challenge by recruiting the best talent, empowering them to make decisions and providing the best possible technology solutions to deliver our promise

  1. We provide a fast, efficient and effective end to end local and global claims management service

  2. We offer a bespoke solution, providing a consistent approach to claims and data management across all territories

  3. We specialise in global claims handling performance with consistent and reliable reserving practices resulting in improved claims costs and secure brand protection for our clients

Linkham has the capability to bespoke each claims team or claims handler to the individual needs of a client. This means that all claims handlers who deal with your claims will have in-depth knowledge of your policy wordings and your preferred stances on risk management which enables us to quickly and efficiently handle your business.

Operating a 24/7/365, multi-lingual service, we are committed to providing a professional, quality and cost effective service at all times. We pride ourselves in balancing the needs of customers whilst ensuring that the service we provide is appropriate and cost effective to our client.

Technology solutions - travel

Linkquest is our web based insurance solution. From Sales to Claims administration, Linkquest provides a simple end to end solution.

Access to the system simply requires access to the internet. Rapid to deploy across multiple users and sites, each user has a log in to the system which defines the product sets and privileges available to them. So whether you are a Broker, Airline, Travel Agent or Insurer, our system can maximise your distribution capability.

Additional functionality such as In-built Medical Screening, Additional Premium and/or Additional Excess functionality, in depth data analysis and multiple scheme management facilities means that LinkQuest could be your single solution to insurance distribution and management.



Retail - Whilst our focus is on travel and Health Insurance, we have access to and expertise in a wide area of Insurance provision across a broad distribution range.

Underwriting - We have in depth expertise in underwriting travel and health insurance. We are also experts in the field of underwriting Card Insurance benefits, with over 20 years of experience, models and data to ensure the most robust programme implementations.

Broking - Collinson Insurance Brokers Ltd is an International Insurance and Reinsurance Broker at Lloyd's providing knowledge and innovative insurance solutions for a wide range of clients worldwide both group and externally.

Niche insurance

  1. Specialist Markets

  2. Niche development

  3. Product Development

  4. Card Insurance

Benefits & Services Management

Cost-saving and innovation through value chain management and premium value creation. We guarantee to reduce your cost of goods and improve the service standards and customer experience of your insurance. assistance, merchant, rewards and lifestyle programs.

Marketing Strategy

Brand, segmentation, product line strategy, market research, communications and organisation. We will analyse your business, benchmark it versus the marketplace and your competitors.

New Product Development

How to innovate, manufacture, launch and manage new products on-time and within budget successfully from the smallest service addition to major multi-market product and brand launches. Develop a successful product line strategy and realise the power of premiumisation

Healthcare Claims

We know that controlling costs is a big issue and our expertise in medical case management means we can help you save on unnecessary medical expenses by ensuring that only the most appropriate treatments are undertaken in accordance with your private healthcare policy terms and conditions.

Our priority is always the medical welfare of the patient, but our experience allows us to ensure that their needs are met in the most cost-effective manner for you. We aim provide the best quality 'managed care' as a result of having employees and consultants that are medically qualified and supported by experienced healthcare administrative staff at the front-line as case managers.

Our expertise means that we can ensure appropriate medical care for the patient whilst having the ability to query doctors' reports and proposed treatments on a medical basis and so manage costs on your behalf, including navigating into the public hospital when appropriate.

We will handle the claim from taking the very first call from the claimant or clinic providing them with reassurance and advice throughout. We will ensure that treatment is covered under the relevant policy terms and conditions, arrange and manage all treatment, liaise directly with the hospital and doctors providing the care, authorise bills for payment and provide you with regular MI reports.

Linkham Services recognise that the provision of efficient administrative services is just as important as the provision of medical services. That's why we have invested in our staff and IT systems and can provide excellent management information to meet your company's needs. Bespoke reports providing a range of information including detailed analysis of expenditure and savings by client, provider, location and pathology can be regularly produced. All systems are web-enabled which allows clients to access up-to-the-minute financial information about their account. We also have direct billing arrangements with hospitals and providers which means we can provide your client with a "cashless service".


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